Emotional responses, as we know, are faster than physical responses, and that the mind is faster than the emotions. To put it in another way, the vibrational frequency of emotions is lower compared to that of the mind. This is why the mind is so good at inhibiting forbidden emotions and desires in a split second. This happens so fast that it usually goes unnoticed, leaving one incapable of deciphering the reason for a blood pressure spike or depression symptoms that hit shortly thereafter. Limited by mental conditioning and restrictions imposed thereon, the mind fails to see the aftereffects of its actions in regards to itself. Consciousness is the only one that can see. But attention follows fluctuations and leaps of the mind much like chicks follow a hen, and there is no one out there to see how the mind executes its built-in programs that conflict with the natural processes and physiology in humans and pave the way for all kinds of disorders, ailments, and sufferings.

The human ignorance that mystics refer to is partially due to people trying to fix things by tricking their physical bodies rather than figuring out what’s going on with their minds—because the mind is the actual cause of their constant sufferings.