It is quite easy to check whether our consciousness exists outside our minds or not. Start by looking at your palm. As you bring your palm closer to your eyes, your palm blocks your field of view. Move your palm back a bit and you will see your whole hand. If you hold your palm over your eyes, you cannot see anything. In other words, in order for someone to see an object, they have to create some distance between themselves and the object—this is a requirement.

Now, let’s all close our eyes. Can we observe our body from within? Yes, we can. Although the observation of the body from the inside is not the same as observing it from the outside, it is still possible to do so. This attests to the presence of a certain clearance or distance between the body and the center from where we observe the body. We can also observe our motions and thoughts in a similar manner. As far as is possible, the source of our vision is situated outside the mind, emotions, and body; otherwise, no observations would be possible.