The mind can imitate spiritual vision easily. A strong unfulfilled desire seeks alternative ways to be balanced out, so if one has a desire for the world to be different, one’s mind will use imagination eagerly to fill the perception gap. Things likely won’t devolve into hallucinations; rather, the mind will produce various images and pictures as soon as you “look” inside or outside of yourself with your eyes closed. Quite a few seekers and psychics live in this sort of self-deception. In fact, they live in an imaginary world. This is a trap, one of many along the Path. The only way to prevent being caught in it is to continue to hold on to the basics, continue to witness, and resist the temptation to look in various directions with your eyes closed. The growing experience in practicing witnessing will help us distinguish between the phenomenon of true spiritual vision and mental projections.

The mind is artful and desires are powerful. For that reason, most techniques’ descriptions are scant on details; otherwise, a seeker exposed to the knowledge of what to expect will be likely to deceive himself. For the same reason, many aspects of the Truth are revealed to a student only when he is ready to understand them correctly.

As I write these lines, I realize that an elaborate explanation of certain topics here may be potentially harmful because of the human mind’s aforementioned specifics. Yet, I choose to continue my work in the hope that there are individuals who will benefit from reading this text, make sense of, and apply the knowledge that is presented to them correctly, and avoid the mental traps successfully.