The self-denial present in people with an inferiority complex (almost in everyone to a varying degree), among other things, finds its way onto a path of spiritual searching. Here, you can find self-flagellation, mortification of the flesh as a source of sin, castration, ritual suicide, and similar rituals throughout the history of religions. Attempts to forcibly halt the mental activity belong to “spiritual” acts of a similar kind. The denial of oneself or one’s body or mind has never led one to God. Instead, it has created impressive examples not to follow. 

Yet, self-denial thrives here and now, resurrected again and again in different forms in the teachings of freshly minted “masters.”

All you need to do is to look into yourself and your mind to discover ideas and desires within yourself that create the feeling of being defective and non-conformal to the world. This is impossible without developing the skill of non-identification. So long as one stays identified with the idea that they are an incorrigible freak, they are left with nothing to do but self-destruction, no matter in what manner, which is even better if that destruction is “spiritual.” It is always more pleasant to be crippled in the name of a great purpose rather than simply being unable to accept yourself the way you are.