In the early 1990s, I met a man who, without knowing it, became my teacher. His last name was Ogorodnik; he taught courses in alternative medicine that I attended. I was young, inexperienced, and had no idea of meditation. I am more than grateful to him for introducing me to my first spiritual technique. That was not the most important thing though. The primary thing he taught me was the way to broaden my horizons. He told me about people whose names I had never heard and encouraged me to read their books. He raised the bar for me by setting goals and defining objectives that took me several years to accomplish and even more years to comprehend everything he had told me. Nevertheless, his words helped me find my Path, and although a different person became my Master at a later time, the value of his words and the knowledge they conveyed cannot be overestimated. I hope that this book will, in turn, help some readers raise their own bar a bit higher and expand their horizons. If that happens, it will be my way to pay a debt of gratitude to the people who shared their experience and knowledge with me.