If we had no consciousness, this Divine Spark of God within us, then we would not have existed at all. Our three lower bodies (the physical body, emotions, and mind) would have been devoid of their main engine, the primary source of energy, that is the only link between us and the Source of Everything. Consciousness is the essential element for life to exist, whereas the three lower bodies are merely its instruments. Consciousness, in turn, is also an instrument—the instrument of Creation—through which matter can be spiritualized. 

In the act of Creation, the Lord imbued animate nature with His Consciousness, and He did the same with inanimate matter to some extent. It’s through the Consciousness which is dispersed into matter that God’s Will is being channeled and everything in the world stays interconnected. Any decent mystic will testify that, under certain states of mind, the material world opens up in front of his astounded eyes suddenly as the sheer radiance of the Divine Consciousness.