If a practitioner performs observing correctly, they begin to see. They look into their bodies and see bodily tensions and the causes thereof. They watch their emotions and become aware of what has provoked them; this reveals to them the way the mind works and the way ideas that program the mind form the grounds for bringing desires to life.

I have heard of a spiritual coach who claimed that the expression “look inward” was incorrect and made no sense. He stated that he had tried to do that, but had seen and found nothing but darkness. Then he suggested that everyone close their eyes and try to look inward. As might be expected, shortly after, he offered the audience the opportunity to buy his genuine method for swift enlightenment and spiritual cleansing.

His mistake came from trying to look inside himself with his physical eyes. Naturally, he was unable to see a great deal with his eyes closed. This is a common mistake among beginning seekers.

Efforts in observation, witnessing, and self-remembrance develop inner or spiritual vision. It forms as a product of awareness—direct perception by consciousness of everything that falls within the field of our attention in a given moment. Advanced spiritual vision creates a framework for seeing: A state in which one can perceive the Divine Will clearly and follow It according to their seeing.

Comment. Directed outwardly, unmediated perception is referred to otherwise as spiritual vision if directed inwardly. Some authors refer to both skills as spiritual vision, but this may cause confusion. Spiritual vision advances together with the mind non-identification and through practices of contemplation, and allows one to see everything that happens within them clearly. Another function of spiritual vision is the ability to perceive incoming impulses of the Will of God and insights of various forms of truth and Truth itself. As the door to God is hidden within us, spiritual vision is invaluable for interaction with Him.

* * *

Further, while looking fearlessly at the visible world and everything revealed in it with their physical eyes, a seeker perceives with his spiritual vision things that cannot be seen physically. In this case, even if he closes his eyes, his spiritual vision remains as sharp and penetrates deep into the core of things.