As is known, the Master’s role is to serve as a mirror to the student. In addition to other functions the Master serves commonly, there is this one—to show the student his current state. If the student is angry, he needs help to see his anger; if he is resistant, he is helped to become aware of the fact... This is an important and essential part of the Master’s work. However, for anyone who lives in awareness, his life becomes his Master. Each life situation, each person, damaged or not, becomes your teacher. They elicit emotional actions, reactions, and thoughts from us, and also provide food for self-observation. If you remain in awareness steadily, you can make use of nearly everything for your work: a conversation while you are waiting in line, walking alone—any random event will tell you something about yourself. Social interactions are a way to get to know yourself. It is like sitting by the river bank and observing objects washed ashore. Life is similar to the river: It brings up situations that can become either a step toward the summit of awareness or a ticket to the territory of fear and flight from our problems. In any life situation, there are equal options for one’s growth, downfall, or stagnation. Awareness is the key to transform your life into a quest, an adventure—into something that cannot be described in words.