Consciousness is closely connected with the mind, emotions, and physical body, which, in turn, are tightly interconnected to each other. In its normal state, human consciousness constantly identifies itself with any of these three bodies. The identification of consciousness with an object happens when attention directed at this object gets absorbed into it. When this happens, consciousness sort of becomes the object with which it identifies itself. If the object is fear, consciousness merges with that fear. If the object is a desire, consciousness becomes identical to that desire. Merged with fear, consciousness vests its power in fear, which makes that fear insurmountable. Here is one of the main phenomena of human life: people, ignorant of their own nature, never realize that it is them who are the source of the power which feeds their own negative emotions, obsessive thoughts, and destructive desires.

Thus, human consciousness nourishes human’s lower bodies with its energy similar to how God’s Consciousness supports the existence of all the worlds.

Identification underpins unconsciousness, and the mind’s governance is filled with various “rosy” ideas resulting in the suppression of emotions, desires, and the physical body. The stronger this identification is in a person, the more he is absent, because he is not present inside or within himself. What is present inside is either a desire, an idea, or an emotion that his consciousness has identified itself with at the moment. It is this desire, idea, or emotion that becomes one’s instant representative and, in fact, constitutes that person at a given moment.

Further, the mind in its attempt to call the shots pushes so many desires and emotions deeper into the subconscious that its unconscious part eventually expands to unprecedented proportions. As a result, in time, the unconscious starts to put a lot of pressure on the so-called conscious. However, this conscious is simply a part of the mind, emotions, or physical body where one’s attention is present at the moment and with which one’s consciousness is currently identified. 

When something is suppressed, its manifestation is prohibited and, therefore, one’s attention never goes that way. The mind turns a blind eye to anything suppressed; it doesn’t want to see, feel, or know anything about it. Since consciousness strongly identifies itself with the mind, attention naturally follows the mind on to whatever it is directed at. This is the reason consciousness fails to spot the areas of suppressed desires and emotions. As such, unless a person makes the effort to bring their attention to these areas, they remain under the rule of impenetrable darkness.