Dear Seekers of Truth, welcome to the School “Ascending Flow”!

Our School is a system of consistent step-wise teachings of the mystical way in the Sufi tradition.

  1. The School’s practices are designed to account for the specifics of the inner state in contemporary people
  2. The main requirement for studying at the School is to perform practices that only the Master recommends 
  3. The practices are selected and assigned individually for each student and take into consideration a student’s prior experience and personal potential, which makes the education process customized and flexible
  4. The School’s techniques allow seekers to purify their inner space, refine their perception, and make a conscious interaction with God possible
  5. The techniques suggested are expected to be performed daily for a certain amount of time (in sessions). Executing the sessions correctly and consistently changes seekers’ inner state, which they are able to see and acknowledge for themselves, and thus increases their aspiration to continue the work. The very process of learning your inner processes through experience rather than through the prism of your mind—by reading books—has a completely different taste and value: The knowledge you acquire is indeed your own
  6. All teaching activities are carried out under the Master’s supervision. Should you have a need, you can always contact him for a consultation.

Please note: Just because you like what you have read or someone has told you about Sufis does not make you a Sufi. Sufism is not someone else’s knowledge; it is a personal living experience. If you are ready to make the effort, you can count on our assistance and support. Please do not ask about the time required to achieve a certain state—it depends largely upon your readiness to learn.

Good luck!