Sometimes expression practices require a seeker to engulf himself completely, both physically and emotionally, in the energies he is working with. This ensures that the energies are expressed in their totality and clears the way into the depths that conceal their sources. Observation and breaking from identification can yield the same result, although it takes longer.

For this reason, to execute certain techniques more accurately, a seeker should master the skill of deliberate identification. This task is not terribly difficult for those who have good control of their attention, but may present some challenge for those who routinely invest notable efforts in non-identification.

The procedure is quite simple: While performing the practice of expressing emotion, a seeker stops dividing his attention and directs it entirely at the energy he is working with at the moment, for example, anger. He should let his attention be consumed by anger and his consciousness be lost in it; he should become a channel that transmits nothing but the energy of anger. In essence, he must become anger. Once all of the energy is expelled, a seeker can safely return to his normal awareness mode. This practice can be applied when working with sexual energy or when giving all of yourself to prayer.

Some paths use methods intended exclusively for non-identification. Quite a few rely on both witnessing and conscious non-identification practices, whenever the latter are needed. 

Overall, alternating conscious identification and non-identification is effective in improving and empowering attention management skills. In addition, such synergistic practice makes awareness deeper and conscious losing oneself in energy practices more profound.