All efforts bear fruit eventually. Even if these fruits come in the form of negative experiences, they are no less valuable, for experience is one of the most valuable acquisitions possible in this world. Those who realize that they have been making efforts in the wrong way will be able to change their approach. Those who become aware that their efforts were insufficient can stop wasting their energy on trifles. 

There is not a single person I have met who, despite their persistence in changing their being, has got nowhere. If they strived to change themselves sincerely, they did. If one wants to become conscious, this happens eventually.

Transformation of being is like a quantum leap. When an electron absorbs a quantum of energy, it transitions to a higher orbital. It is not present stably between the orbits, but slides along the energy scale from one stable state to the next within nanoseconds. Something similar happens with seekers’ consciousness. They have to direct their efforts to expand their field of attention continuously. One moment a seeker persists with self-awareness successfully, and the next moment he fails and “falls asleep”.  It may take some time for the amount of energy that one has invested in self-development to increase. And then a leap occurs: The seeker realizes suddenly that the duration of “falling asleep” has become shorter and the quality of moment-to-moment awareness has become greater. This is a new stage of being and one experiences it as the consciousness of a different level. Later, other transitions occur, and the “falling asleep” occurrences disappear altogether.

Meanwhile, a seeker begins to sense an invariant core that has emerged within, holding and securing him, like an anchor, from complete identification with the lower bodies. As awareness grows and transformation of being continues, the sense of this core grows stronger. Eventually, a seeker arrives at a point where he feels present in all of his actions constantly.

The sense of presence is the effect of non-identification of consciousness and its crystallization into a separate center. The further a seeker progresses, the greater the presence. At the same time, the crystallization of consciousness in the absence of internal chaos, together with its non-identification with the mind, weaken the ego and make it thin.

Once consciousness is distilled completely and takes the place in a human being that has been reserved per the Creator’s design, all that was left of unconsciousness dissipates in its light, together with the ego. This is the moment when one can finalize one’s work on awareness and enjoy its fruits.