Emotions are known to be faster than the body, and the mind is faster than emotions. One can say that the speed of emotional vibrations is lower than the speed of mind vibrations. Therefore, it manages to suppress emotions and desires that may not be expressed in an eye blink. It happens so fast that man notices nothing in most cases. When he has high blood pressure or feels depressed after a while, he turns out to be incapable of understanding its causes. His mind acts based on the conditionalism and resulting limitations, so it cannot see the product of its own actions to itself. Consciousness is the only thing that can see. But its attention follows fluctuations and leaps of the mind the same way as chicks follow the hen. So there is nobody to see how the mind fulfilling its inherent programs, which contradict the natural processes and human physiology, paves the way for all kinds of disorders, discomfort and suffering.

Man’s ignorance often mentioned by mystics is partly expressed by his continuous efforts to do something with his body instead of dealing with the mind, which makes him suffer all the time this or that way.