As soon as man redistributes his attention and directs most of it inside himself, it starts growing inwards. It is logical: it has nowhere to grow outwards. The phenomena of keen hearing and improvement of the visual perception (so called 3D vision, which is often described as a special achievement by the novice Seekers) are of little significance and interest. The moment comes when the Seeker’s attention is concurrently open to all the information received by the organs of senses: he perceives everything he sees and hears and is aware of smells, if any, and tactile sensations, for instance, warmth or cold. Concurrent perception of all the signals sent by the organs of senses results from the expansion of attention and growth of awareness. As soon as this state is reached once, it cannot grow any more. I had a friend who practiced the hearing meditation; in the end, he developed the skill of hearing a plane in the sky several minutes before it could be heard or seen by the people around him. That skill could only be used in practice during the war, when expecting air raids and bombing. In ordinary life, it is nothing more than a strange “peculiarity”, which you can use once to make an impression on a girl at the first date. Different changes in vision, for instance, seeing human aura and so on, are of the same kind. It might be or not be of practical use for you and other people, but the temptation to boast of the newly-developed skills is so strong that they sometimes cause more spiritual harm and degradation than growth. While I was working over myself, I had a number of such breakthroughs in my perception, but when I look back now, I cannot say that they helped me advance on my Path drastically. That is why you should not flatter yourself with the excessive information coming from the outside. The things happening inside are more important.

In the beginning, your attention will notice only the most visible: suppressed fury or fear, tension that is so large that it cannot go unnoticed. Then, as you progress, large tension will be worked through, and your perception abilities will get finer. You will see more delicate emotions and desires hidden deeper. As long as your awareness and decoupling grow, the ideas being a basis for conditionalism will manifest themselves.

Deprivation of tension and automatic psychoemotional reactions alongside with the continuous witnessing of yourself create the conditions under which man unexpectedly comes inside.

I must say that I personally treated the instructions of the mystics claiming that you must get inside yourself, where the most important things are, as a symbol, a sort of beautiful image or metaphor. I did not realize that it was a literal instruction to be followed by directing all the energy of your attention inside yourself, your body. It should not be concentration on, say, chakras; you must be looking inside yourself. Imagine how surprised I was when the invisible barrier disappeared one day, and I saw the endless spaces there. That vision was so impressive that the beauty of external spaces (sea, mountains etc.) has ceased to be so cool as it used to since then.

That discovery helped me understand the Heart in the meaning used by the mystics of all the times and get aware of the connection with the Creator concealed in each man.