I have already written in another book that the growth of awareness stops at some moment unless there are special circumstances placing the observer into the new, unknown situation. They can be additionally created by the Master or following God’s Will. They happen to us naturally all the time. Anything that happens to us in life is the material to work with yourself. Whether it is good or bad, anything that touches, hooks or sends you over the edge is favorable conditions for awareness.

An ordinary man’s state is to wish yourself good, i.e. peaceful, smooth and monotonous state of life where you do not have to make any special efforts to maintain it and satisfy your needs. This desire of peace is based on the fact that man almost always has to do the things he does not actually wish to. This desire, a very human one, is deadly for the Seeker, and it appears only in the moment of weakness or as the end of his personal Seeker’s path. Quiet and peaceful life does not encourage growth because there is no challenge and, accordingly, no need to overcome obstacles.

You must understand that hardships on your Path are the necessary and mandatory part of growth. Whether you like it or not, man gets mature only when he overcomes himself and the circumstances.

So the rule of the genuine Seeker must be as follows: no matter what is happening to you, no matter how much pain you are in or how difficult it is, stay aware! Do not stop witnessing for an instant, even when you want to fall down unconscious. This world has nothing a witness cannot bear. Do not let your fear and self-pity weaken your energy of attention. No matter what happens, be present in there: this is the key to growth. The extreme situations are the very thing unlocking what is hidden and unconscious inside. The fears hidden in ordinary situations show up, and the desires you have not seen are activated. This is a wonderful moment for awareness, this is an opportunity of breaking through to such depth of your being you have never suspected you have. Getting aware of yourself during stress is a form of super-effort, and the situation itself encourages you to discover yourself. Never try to avoid the existing hardship as it is harmful in any sense: pretending that it does not exist will not help resolve the issue. Go there, accept it and gain new experience. It is priceless because the experience is the only thing we get from our life.