When it comes to the expression practices, they sometimes require the Seeker to fully plunge into the energies he works with at the level of the body and emotions. In this case, he can express them in full and reach the depth where the sources of these energies are hidden. Observation and decoupling may also bring this outcome, but they will take longer.

That is why the Seeker must develop the skill of conscious coupling to do some techniques in a more accurate manner. It is not very hard for those who can manage their attention well and only sometimes poses challenges for those who regularly make significant decoupling efforts.

The procedure itself is quite easy: during the expression practice, the Seeker ceases to divide his attention and fully directs it at the energy he is working with now. For instance, fury. He must let his attention be absorbed by the fury and his consciousness disappear in there. It means the attention must turn into the channel with nothing but energy of the fury. In other words, it must become the fury. When all the energy has been expressed, the Seeker will have no difficulty returning into his ordinary state of awareness. Such practice can be applied in working with the sexual energy and dissolving in the prayer.

There are some paths using the decoupling methods only. There are numerous paths using both methods: witnessing and conscious coupling when necessary.

In any case, alternation of conscious coupling and decoupling trains and improves the ability to manage the attention. Moreover, such alternation deepens both the awareness and conscious loss of yourself during the energy practices.