Now let’s return to desires. They can be traced by means of the appearing fury, sorrow or fear. However, it can be quite difficult if a desire has been suppressed deeply. When such a desire is activated and conflicts the established conditionalism and related bans, tension appears, and there may be vague anxiety disguising the fear of breaking the ban. The tension will result from control, repression of the desire. In addition to the anxiety and ban itself, it will hinder awareness of the desire.

That is why you have to use indirect ways to identify hidden desires in the beginning. For instance, dreams. Any dream is compensation for one or several unfulfilled desires, so if you analyze your dreams, you can see the desires behind them. After that, you must realize whether your desire can actually be fulfilled, and what prevents fulfillment of this desire inside or outside you. Then everything gets simple: you either fulfill your desire or get fully aware of its unreality and abandon it by accepting the situation as it is.

There is another simple technique used to understand your desires better. It has two steps: first, imagine that you have a million dollars you may (have to) spend. After you have imagined that, write down everything that comes to your mind and do not let your mind interfere with its condemnation or stupid better judgment. Let yourself buy what you want. Do not avoid little things as minor desires are the same important. Do not increase the amount as much as you want, stay within the given one. Do it fast and do not take time to contemplate. The first things coming to your mind are your unfulfilled desires. The things coming to your mind in several hours are the game of your mind that works out the problem in the most beneficial manner.

The second step must be done right after the first one, at once. For this purpose, imagine that you are a powerful magician. After that, imagine how you would use the power you had. You must also act fast so that you could see the real desires rather than the mind and its games. They should also be recorded on paper for subsequent work.

Then analyze what you have written down. The desires of the first step are related to the material while the second step can include both materialistic and idealistic desires (for instance, flying in the sky like a bird). Both desires themselves and the needs they express should be understood and verbalized. The expressed needs can be versatile: new impressions, comfort, safety, freedom, full stomach etc. Then they can be treated with the standard procedures: some are actualized, some are abandoned, with continuous awareness...