While observing our mind, we are conscious of our thoughts. The immediate ideas get clearer, and we can perceive the thoughts that were in there, but beyond our scope of attention.

Attention is merely a function of consciousness the same way as contraction is a function of muscles or thinking is a function of the mind.

Have you ever seen a cat watching a pigeon? Its attention is fully focused and undivided. However, a cat has no mind in the human meaning (neither does a pigeon). But it has consciousness.

Attention conveys the energy of consciousness, which moves in the direction of our attention. The power of the energy of attention is very strong. According to the quantum physics, movement of elementary particles changes when they are being observed by scientists.

I think everyone knows the power of human attention. Everyone has felt another person’s glance similar to physical pressure. This is that very energy of attention focused on us from the inside, which we can feel quite clearly. People are known to have put the others into trance with the power of their look, and there are legends of the warriors paralyzing their enemy by just looking at him. All these miracles would be impossible but for the power of the energy of attention, namely consciousness.

The attention directed outwards is usually associated with five senses. When we pay attention to what we see, hear, feel etc., we get impressions and information processable by our mind by such means. In his ordinary state, man perceives all his impressions through the prism of his mind, which immediately verbalizes them inside by launching the process of associative reactions related both to emotions and the body. For instance, if a thirsty man sees water, he will feel relieved (because he will able to satisfy his desire) and glad, and will swallow automatically.

This way or another, consciousness contacts internal and external objects by means of attention focused on them. When they get within the field of attention, they are influenced by the full force of the energy of consciousness. Also, our consciousness is capable of coupling with any objects it perceives.