All the types of the exercises have only one goal: to change man’s being. The change must be achieved by activation and manifestation of the supreme divine nature rooted in man rather than increased control over his inferior nature. As for the terminology I use, the state in which the supreme nature is concealed is called unconsciousness, and the one in which it is manifested is awareness.

While man’s consciousness is coupled with his inferior bodies, he is unconscious, and the deeper the coupling is, the more unconscious he is.

In practice, it is as follows: man absorbs a set of ideas and views on life shaping his conditionalism in his childhood. His desires are shaped in the direct association with that conditionalism. The main emotional stereotypes remaining unchanged all man’s life are established during this period.

Starting from a certain moment, the man’s being turns into a sequence of standard actions and psychoemotional cliches switching instantaneously and not demanding his conscious participation. When man couples with the desire, he gives it control of himself; when fear arises, it turns into his master at once...

Unconscious people are absent in their actions although they try to conceal this fact by all means. Unconscious people are always sort of inadequate to what is happening because when they couple with one of their inner states, they cannot adequately perceive what is happening. Owing to the excessive activity of their mind, they are always in some kind of drowse. For instance, a man walks along the street. While walking, he remembers a recent conversation, TV show etc. Or he plans how to spend the nearest evening. In both cases, this mental process he has voluntarily merged with will bear images and pictures similar to the ones we see in our dreams. At the same time, he keeps walking automatically. Almost everything is done the same way, automatically. And the mind keeps day-dreaming.

Another issue faced by unconscious man is that he starts projecting his dreams onto the surrounding world. For instance, he is afraid of aggression and violence. In addition to making man underconfident and weak, this fear creates the situation in which every burly man seems dangerous. His fear will make unconscious man perceive all strong man as dangerous and threatening ones. As his fear is weakening him, almost everyone around will seem stronger. This is pure projection when the inner reality of coupling with fear creates the illusory outer reality where man has to live. As we keep projecting our inner reality of our coupling outwards, each of us travels the life through our own illusory worlds.

The strongest and steadiest projections are created by desires and fears. That is why one can see a sly liar, a semi-god or an ordinary Jew in the same man. The same event may be treated as Fate, a needless tragedy or manifestation of magical powers. But the nature of projection is the nature of dream, which appears as a product of the mind created by the imagination and memory and, therefore, has no reality of its own.

As desires and fears are intimately related to the ideas contained in the mind, the peoples affected by the common idea sometimes start seeing the same dreams. For instance, about superiority of their race to the others.

These are the consequences of the coupling and the resulting unawareness. Our happy times of thrive of incredible technologies give people vast opportunities to couple with external objects.

I recently heard a humble dervish ask his sheikh, “Please tell me how spiritually uplifted I am when watching TV. At this time, I clearly feel my ego disappear, and I seem to be dissolved.” The sheikh responded kindly that such state could not be treated as spiritual one because nothing changed in the dervish’s being after that. As for me, I would add that this situation perfectly illustrates the state of the external coupling. The coupling with external objects as well as man’s unconsciousness get deeper and deeper while television, computers and 3D technologies are spread wider and wider.

Therefore, awareness is based on decoupling. The conscious man’s actions always have presence of his consciousness tied to nothing, which can see the processes taking place in the inferior bodies. Such man’s perception will not be distorted or preconditioned by the mind due to no coupling; he will be free from projections and stop day-dreaming.