One way or another, each Seeker strives to change their own being and convert the opportunities each person potentially has. In this search, the Seeker must go beyond the scope of the animal nature inside and reach out to the things rooted in the Divine. Subject to the culture, this part of the human being has different names, one of which is soul. I call this supreme part of the human nature “consciousness”.

For the sake of simplicity, we will consider man as a being having several layers: the layer of a physical body followed by the layer of emotions and the layer of mind. The fourth supreme level in this arrangement is consciousness. The lower levels are subordinated to the higher ones. Thus, the body is subordinated to emotions quite rigidly while emotions are inferior to the mind and its desires. Consciousness is a separate element of this chain as man does not generally feel its manifestations.

Everyone is aware of their body, emotions and mind as well as their functions to a certain extent. Another thing is how consciousness works and acts as a separate power contained in man. The experience is that most people perceive consciousness and awareness as the ability to purposefully think about something without any effort and perceive the surrounding world quite clearly at the certain moment. In other words, man’s feelings and mind are somehow balanced and peaceful, so he can concentrate easily while perception is not blurred by any emotions. Putting this another way, when man says, “I am conscious”, he means the ability to concentrate and clearly perceive what is happening. In this case, clear consciousness means the ability to fully control yourself; the opposite is psychosis or affective state. If man can say what day of the week it is, he is aware of what is happening. But then consciousness is derived from the mind, which in its turn is the effect of electrical chemical processes in the human brain.

Accordingly, the mind is the supreme level of the ordinary human state of being. It seems to be both the basis of consciousness and apex of creation, and the so called ego, the personality that makes man different from the others and helps develop “individuality”, is created therein. That is why there is a sort of confusion in concepts and understanding of what is happening in and to man since the mind and consciousness are equated. For the same reason, many people practicing meditation believe that the meditative state is only reached when their mind gets somehow calmer, and try to make it silent. They have no idea that they are merely trying to impose a sort of control over their mind at that time.

Consciousness has the nature being absolutely different from the body, mind and emotions. Its nature is eternal Light, the Divine Glow. It can be called the Divine Spark or a soul; the name will never change its eternal essence. When God created the world in the image and likeness of himself, he gave Consciousness to all the live beings. The inanimate nature also has some of His Consciousness, but it is concealed even deeper there.

So, each of us has some Divine Consciousness, which is tiny in contrast to the Whole, but is more than enough for us to live in this world. The quality of our consciousness is equivalent to the quality of God’s Consciousness, but we do not find it evident as it is hidden by manifestations of our inferior bodies. Consciousness with regard to the mind, emotions and physical body has the power similar to the one God has over its creation. However, man is deprived of this power because his being is ruled by the mind.

Nature programs the human being for approximately until the age of 21. During this period, the physical body, emotions and mind are developed and get mature. After they are established, development stops, and we treat it as a natural thing. The laws of nature are in fact the static manifestation of His Will, and they mean that the mechanical program will be developing us up to the specific moment, following which we will be able to survive and propagate our kind. The program stops here. Starting from this moment, subsequent growth takes continuous efforts. That is when we must go beyond the limits of the development level set for us by the laws of nature.