People love to chat with one another. For many, the opportunity to say something about themselves – even if it is totally stupid – is very important. Now this human trait is manifested particularly vividly thanks to social networks and blogs on the Internet. But to explain the popularity of Maharshi as merely due to “the grapevine” and people’s chattiness simply doesn’t work. People came to him who had simply seen him in a photo and immediately sensed an internal need to meet him in person. Others saw Maharshi in a dream – on the whole, the news of the existence of a great mystic spread in different ways. And here we return to the question I formulated at the very beginning of this text:  why do some mystics have to find students for themselves, and to others they flow from everywhere on their own?

The answer is contained in Maharshi’s choice, which he himself made at the outset of his Way. Having chosen seclusion and silence, he created a situation in which he either was left to die in obscurity, or conditions would have to be created in which he would be forced to work with people. And here once again we return to the question of the fate of mystics – what in it is predetermined from the outset for each of them, and what emerges in the process of their work on themselves. After all, one can’t say that Maharshi sat and did nothing in his cave – immersion into oneself – take my word for it – is not easy work. But Ramana – by virtual of his individuality – embarked on the Way of non-doing, practically becoming a Taoist, and then miracles began. In order that Maharshi could sent people to the Lord, first the Lord led them to him. Here is both a mystery and a paradox. One thing can be said in all certainty – Ramana did not at all count on such a turn of events. And even if someone would want to do something similar – forcing the Lord to bring people to himself – nothing would come of it.

Each real mystic has his own uniqueness, which is revealed in interaction with God. And someone must pass through humiliation, non-recognition and even attempts on his life so that his Work will be fulfilled as the Lord needs.  Deprivations and burdens, the destruction of what was already built – these create the necessary friction in the Work of the mystic, at the same time opening up before him new opportunities. Thus many teachings and messages were forged, and for the majority of them, it would be impossible to appear on the earth in greenhouse conditions. It can be said that Maharshi didn’t have them, either. Go and live in a cave (even in an Indian one on a sacred mountain), subsisting on alms, at least for five years, and you yourself will understand it all.

But outwardly, his success appears very easy and rapid and essentially, that is what it was. Maharshi’s first followers appeared fairly early, and he did not seek them, although he did not drive them away, either. It must be said that even later, during the existence of the ashram, Ramana asked to allow to see him people seeking meetings both day and night – at any time of the day. Understandably, no one came to him at night; however, Maharshi continued to indicate his accessibility to seekers. It is possible that in this way, an objective conscience in Gurdjieff’s meaning appeared in Maharshi – a sense of responsibility (or even debt) to those who seek the Truth. The uniqueness of Ramana Maharshi was manifested in a situation where his presence was revealed to people in the most magical and mystical way, and then they could come to him and obtain what they needed. Meanwhile, Gurdjieff’s active nature required constant changes and movement, which he was in, wittingly or unwittingly, all the time.  Thus, each one receives the conditions for realization and fulfillment of the Work which best suit him. But far from all of them turn out to be capable of using them to the full extent. 

At first the appearance of followers forced Maharshi to give them something, to answer their questions, to provide explanations and recommendations. Thus, followers gradually became students and Maharshi began to turn into a Teacher.