In recent years, I had another two dreams involving Gurdjieff. The first dream was in the summer of 2011, and I was in an old, wooden two-story home. I went up the stairs from the first floor to the second, and between floors there was a large platform on which were placed chairs. Men and women sat in them, dressed in the fashion of the last century, there were about 20 of them. I understood that these were students of Gurdjieff waiting for the start of the lessons.  Gurdjieff then appeared here on the platform, having gone up the stairs behind me. His appearance was about 45 years of age. “My head aches,” he said, turning toward me. After that, he lay down on his stomach right on the floor, and sitting on my haunches, I began to massage his head. After some time I managed to remove the pain from him, and he got up and said: “Well, now they’re yours, work with them,” having in mind the students waiting for him. Having said this, he left, and I remained with his students, I sat on a chair began to say something. The dream ended there. After a few months, I began to work in Moscow, and people began to come to me who were in one of the Moscow Gurdjieff groups.  On the whole, the interaction was not very fruitful, but several of those who had taken part in these meetings became my students.

The last dream to date in which Gurdjieff was present came to me about a year and a half ago. It was somewhat unusual. In the dream, I was laying on a bed, and seemed to have just awoken. The room that I was in was not large, there were no windows in it, and in the corner opposite the bed was an armchair in which Gurdjieff was sitting. Outwardly, I didn’t recognize him, but knew for certain that it was he. He was 28 years old (I knew this precisely from somewhere), his head was not shaved, and he had a thick, black head of hair. Silently, he looked at me and I looked at him. This lasted for some time, and then the dream ended. What did this dream mean? It is possible that Gurdjieff could not give me anything more, and I had outgrown the stage at which he could teach me. One way or another, he no longer came to me in a dream, and I did not enter into contact with him.

The knowledge received by me from Gurdjieff, and also his personal experience changed my whole life, that is a fact. Nevertheless, I am traveling by my own road, and I have my own Work. I am not the heir or successor of his cause, and the fact that I live and work in Russia is not related at all with the fact that he began his Work here. Such, as I understand, is the intention of the Creator, and I do not undertake to judge it. From all appearances, the Work which I am now performing is needed exactly here and exactly now, and what will come of it, time will tell.