The most important question tormenting people regarding the reality of God is the question of the existence of evil. Truly, why does He, Almighty and All-Good, allow so much evil to be created in the world, so there is so much torment and suffering? Why, for example, do some insights advancing science and the development of humankind, somewhat later turn into the appearance for it of ideas leading to a new evil? All religions find their explanations for why the world is so harsh, and why people are so brutal to one another. And why, finally, do children die and others we love?

The most diverse answers are invented, but the truth is that it is impossible to create a world in which movement would be absent, which would be absolutely static. And that is exactly what would happen if, for example, people were made immortal and their power of desire was removed. Such a world would be dead from the outset. Death is the main evil of our world, but it gives people’s lives the value that the majority of them do not recognize. And without the moving force of desires there would also not be any development, although they are what bring people a great part of all suffering. The more a person identifies with his suffering, the more unjust and incorrect his life seems to him. Suffering is just the reaction of the mind to what is happening, and therefore it is quite possible to rid oneself of it. Pain can be experienced but without suffering, and you can suffer for any reason – due to any triviality which becomes an obstacle to what you want.

From the perspective of mystics, the world seems quite perfect. But they see and are aware of those levels of Creation which are hidden from ordinary people. And therefore their vision is more complete, and their understanding more profound.  Moreover, mystics go beyond the bounds of human limitation, acquiring a connection with the whole – with the Supreme. They know what life is, but also know what it means to go beyond its bounds. They know the price of suffering, because they themselves have suffered, but having become mystics, they have overcome suffering as well. The mechanism of the construction of the world is perfect. People have everything that in fact they want. The opportunity for interaction with God and experiencing His Truth is open to everyone. For some, the world is suffering; for some it is a game; and for still others it is Work, but here everyone choses himself for himself. The greatness of God is manifested in everything, and everyone who ceases to identify with his desires is capable of seeing it.

History, which is usually rather hard to understand, is connected with the almighty God. Imagine an endless Force, which rests within itself, not manifesting and not acting. At that moment, its potential will be absolute, and the choice of possibility of action and manifestation practically endless. As soon as it begins to act, however, and begins to create, then every manifested action begins to bear the fruit of consequence, really restricting its possibility in a given place and time. While there is no Creation, there are no rules, but as soon as it begins, the almighty nature of God becomes restricted by the rules of the existence of the world, which He Himself created. I would put it this way: any almighty substance ends as soon as the rules of the game are introduced and must be obeyed by everyone. Our world is finite; space and time exist in it, and therefore the endless Force may manifest itself in it only within certain limits. Any creation is subordinate to certain laws which, in the final analysis, limit the creator, and even force him to act according to them, against his own will. Thus for example, the characters of literary works suddenly begin to live their own lives, and the author may only go along with them, at times deviating from his initially-designed plot.  Sometimes similar happens with God’s Creation, too.