Mystics bring new ideas and new meanings to people, which then turn into premises of conditionality and are overgrown with rituals. The action of each mystic is subordinate to the demands of the moment and that line of development of Creation which is now pleasing to God. Great mystics leave a trace for the ages, if a world religion grows from their Work, or a certain persistent community of followers in the form of a mystical or spiritual school. Mystical Work sometimes engenders a chain of continuity, and sometimes not. Sometimes it happens that a mystic must set the beginning of a new tradition, and in fact in the most banal meaning of that word. In it, people will discuss his ideas, nourish their minds with them, and perform certain actions enabling the production of a certain form of energy which is required for Creation. Actually, this does not rule out that the people following this mystic will obtain a certain development and quite tangible satisfaction, but most likely they will not become true mystics. The limitation of the task of that Work which the mystic was performing, in the majority of cases predetermines the possible results of the work of his followers.  And here it is time to heed Krishnamurti, and his call not to follow anyone searching for his road to the Truth. The problem, however, is that without a conduit, without help rendered in time, it can be very difficult or nearly impossible to find that road.

It is impossible to go beyond yourself without outside help.  Everyone who thinks that they have managed to do this independently either lives in illusions or does not understand what has occurred with them. That happens, and in the stories of the destinies and the teaching of mystics we can see this quite clearly.  You must help either the Lord – and that also happens sometimes – or the Master, and here there are no other options. But neither will happen if you yourself do not wish this outcome, if the world still lures you and unrealized worldly desires still seem vitally important to you as before. In this simultaneously is both the question and the answer to it: if you have not become satiated by the world and have not lost hope of obtaining in it peace and happiness, you will not manage to go beyond the bounds and lose yourself. Not a single Master in the world can open for you the door to the Beyond, because you yourself keep yourself within the limit. The Lord, of course, may make you his chosen ones, bestowing the impulse of Grace just so, but this occurs extremely rarely.

The goal of every mystic is to enter into direct interaction with God. People who propagandize enlightenment, in which this interaction is missing by definition are not mystics, and we are not speaking of them now. What they are doing and what they are pumping out is their business; the mystic, however, seeks direct communication and service, without which this communication also does not have much meaning. All teaching in mystical traditions and schools is aimed precisely at this, in order to bring the student to the possibility of a conscious interaction with God – not only with His Presence, but with the Will which directs a person further, where it is needed by the Supreme. The sense of any mystical teaching consists of this, but in order for it to be successful, a spiritual component is needed as well, which, in its main part, consists of development of human consciousness.

There are people who believe that they sense the presence of God in their life anyway, and therefore they do not need any other teaching and guidance. Well, such things also happen.  Chosenness manifests itself in different ways, but sometimes it is false and feeds a person’s ego, and sometimes it is real, and then his ego is erased in service. To be chosen by God does not at all mean having an easy destiny; after all, taking part in Creation is always participation in renewal, and the introduction of the new. Let us recall the story of Jesus, who introduced the New Testament; let us recall the story of Mohammed, who was stoned for preaching monotheism near the Kaaba, and in general, let us recall the story of any great mystic. They always had to go against, because otherwise, no renewal would occur. This is the most difficult Work, which in principle cannot be carried out without help from above. But without their participation, the Work will also not exist – therefore some quantity of those who carry it out will always be in the world. It is impossible to directly interfere, but it is also impossible to do everything through unconscious conduits; therefore the Lord will always chose someone for conscious help to His Creation. And it must be said that it is in regular need of such help.