Several years later, the Theosophists moved Krishnamurti to England, where he began to take part in meetings of the Order of the Star of the East, which was created especially for him, in order to assist the work of the World Teacher. He couldn’t now refuse the role of the Teacher, because everyone around him was expecting him to fulfill it. At the first meeting of the Order, Krishnamurti made his first speech. Then he began to speak a great deal and frequently, and he would do this without preparation, improvising. The Theosophists kept waiting for when the spirit of Maitreya would descend upon him, and tried to detect signs of the descending of the spirit at every convenient opportunity. In 1924, after Krishnamurti’s next speech at a meet of Theosophists, Anni Besant, who at that time headed the Theosophical Society, wrote: “The spirit descended, and abides in Him. The World Teacher is here.”

Some sort of things undoubtedly happened with Krishnamurti. Not all of them were pleasant. In 1922, he had a three-day mystical experience that greatly changed him, which, in fact, ended with an attack of severe pains in the neck and spine, accompanied by fever and loss of consciousness. Such attacks of various length and intensity continued with him for his whole life, and the reason for them remained unclear. His speeches in public became more and more confident, and it was clear to everyone that he was growing – not only as an orator, but as a mystic as well. And how much of this was from Krishnamurti and how much was from an unknown higher being was impossible to understand at first, since the Theosophists could not allow themselves to be mistaken.

In general, the descending of a spirit is a mysterious thing. One can understand a situation when the spirit of a dead person uses the body of a medium for communication with the material world. This is, so to speak, a temporary possession, and the medium voluntarily becomes a channel for the manifestation of the spirit. Although as before, there exists many questions as to which spirits the mediums are communicating with – those of them that are not outright charlatans. There is also a permanent possession, and it is connected with demonic beings that use a seized person simultaneously as food and as a channel for getting certain energies from other people. Possession of this type occurs, as a rule, against the will of the possessed and is the consequence of fooling with black magic. In fact, the possessed himself may never have done so – it is enough for the magic rituals and practices to have been performed by someone close to him. Possession by a demonic being is encountered rather rarely, and that is a good thing.

Only an occultist such as Leadbetter could think up trying to summon a higher being (by definition, non-human) to a deliberate possession of a human, even if a specially-prepared one. No human spirit (or consciousness?) is capable of entering into another person simply by virtue of how he is constructed. And a being from other layers of Reality may not enter, but subordinate himself and create a solid tie between himself and the one whom it is controlling. Maitreya, however, was seemingly not supposed to be a person, but was supposed to be some kind of Lord. Then why associate him with Jesus or Buddha? Or, according to the theory of reincarnation, after death they turned into higher beings like angels? But not a single higher being of light would possess a person, because it has no need for it. In general, no matter how you try to figure out this conception, you get the usual Theosophical delirium, in which there isn’t a drop of sense.