Human mind loves certainty; it adores concise planning and straightforward sequential instructions. Certainty leads to predictability which is a foundation of tranquility and the source of boredom at the same time. Also, without certainty, there is no stability which, in turn, becomes a blessing for some, abysmal dullness for others; the bottom line is, it is often welcomed and endorsed to feel certain about the present and future.

One thing that is definitely set in stone is the nearest future in one’s personal life Pattern. Uncertainty is rare in Patterns as these are usually printed out for a long time ahead; furthermore, for those who prefer to keep their inner states unchanged, life-changing events and inner states are foreordained predominantly throughout the rest of their lives. The choices one makes when in a transition point remains unsettled till the last moment, but once you pass the transition point, you are back on track, bound up with a cause-and-effect chain. In theory, a certain degree of uncertainty may remain around the HOW the next pivotal event will unfold for you—i.e. whether you will achieve the greatest possible result or your experience will be somewhat mediocre.

One of the aspects of enlightenment is associated with getting out from under the pressure of predetermination and control of cause-and-effect law; one’s progress up through the layers of the Creation Plane helps one out from the grips of rigidly predetermined outcomes and limited choices. The higher you climb the more freedom becomes available, and at a certain moment you begin to sense yourself as a co-Creator of your own Path. Exit to the highest, “zero” level of the Creation Plane denotes saying farewell to cause-and-effect constrains, total liberation of self from them: breaking free of the wheel of Samsara. 

If you think about it--we all are co-creators of our Patterns, taking into account that Mercy-for-all leads us toward ways of life each of us wants to live; hence, complete predetermination is not so complete after all. Anyways, everyone always has an option to set his or her heart on something DIFFERENT and begin moving toward greater freedom.

A seeker co-creates when shapes his request on personal progress and verbalizes a goal to pursue on the Path and thereafter is provided with the opportunities and guidance bespoke to the request and goal stated. The higher a seeker ascends the larger is the significance of his request and vision of the future, should this vision still remain of any relevance for him. An undertone of certainty is present in all of this, although not always spelled out directly and explicitly.

Escaping the Samsara wheel entails loss of certainty and ability to act avidly inside the Pattern. It is still possible for one to blather on about sacred for hours or to step out to lie down on the couch in front of the seekers sitting in mediation; however, any goal-directed work with people—and any goal-oriented activity in general—becomes impossible from that moment forward. And I always used to think that while staying within the Pattern, your freedom is limited by the pressure of its contents. That proved not to be the case. 

It turned out, that while still living in the Pattern, it is possible for one to remain free from it. It appears to be a paradox at a glance, yet in fact, it is a paradox. It is perceived as a new stage of enlightenment and inner freedom that is above any of its previous levels. Absence of the past and the future, the cessation of certainty. You become a carrier of uncertainty, a walking embodiment of fluctuation; where you are present, cause-and-effect relationship disappears but is restored once you leave. In your presence, anything can happen; once you go away, the engraved comes back. The words give a broad-brushed picture at best, as always, but give a general idea of what is going on.

Certainty implies there are tendencies and rules in place. Uncertainty means there is a possibility for miracles and spontaneity. Great is the Lord and so are His works.