We've got a little problem on a global scale. In the 20th century, trailblazing ideas got extinct; that is, humanity ran out of fresh ideas around the 20th century. We left behind an experiment of building the ideal communist society (this paradise-on-earth) and the Darwin theory of higher and lower races. Philosophy came to an end in the 20th century as well. Take Martin Heidegger, for example; his tenets are a telltale sign of philosophy decay, and why he was acknowledged as a philosopher is beyond me. Further, consider World War II with its massive massacre—it scared people to death; also, atomic bombing, holocaust, and what happened in our country, including the blockage with famine cannibalism[1], and over 20 million of total losses—a horrible number of fatalities—the aftermath of this terror was a trauma that set off overcompensation mechanisms through endowing human life with the absolute value and establishing a doctrine of man being a measure of all things. The European humanism movement—though they say it is traced from the Renaissance era, that's not the point—has put the man in the center and shunted God away. These two processes have been developing somewhat concurrently. Removal of God was undergoing full speed in the 19th century, or rather, from the end of the 18th century. The man was put on a pedestal in conjunction with the industrial and scientific-technical revolutions in the 19th century, when electricity and the internal combustion engine were invented, etc.

A belief that man finally has become the master of his life brought forth the outcome of man becoming a god. The first consequence was the inference that if the man is regarded as the most precious thing on earth, he is to be appeased. Pagans had a tradition of giving offerings to deities, by the way. Consumerism ideology has emerged and proclaimed that man is to live in comfort amidst an abundance of goods and services, and to have anything he/she may possibly need at their disposal. Man has become the measure of all things. Before this happened, God stood in the center of the world, and His needs were ranked as more important than humans'; hence, serving God was proved to be the supreme human faculty and the highest among all possible forms of service available to man. That explains why monarchs tend to get in on and benefit from being sort of affiliated with God; simply recall the anthem "God save the king/tsar!"

As soon as man was put in the center of the world, everything started growing shallow and petty. And here we are today, a culture of consumerism with no new transcending goals to challenge ourselves and with depleted philosophy—because no philosophy can develop without high-order objectives. We are left to study and discuss man, and what's the point of discussing man if the man is an idiot, really. Man evolves into something meaningful when he overgrows himself. And to do that, he needs to have a higher-order goal than himself. You need to live to a value higher than yourself. Take the Soviet Union, for example. True, there is a lot of controversy about the USSR, yet they set lofty goals and, as a result, were the first to go into space. They would transcend the limits; the Soviet Union would overcome challenges; they were the first to perform the flight over the North Pole. That civilization went on breaking record after record. They burned out quickly, though. They pushed too hard, overexerted themselves, and broke down. And devastation caused by WWII contributed to that as well. In essence, the dearth of high goals signals the decline of processes on a global scale. 

The second consequence is the aftereffect of the scientific-technical revolution. In the past, mind you, education was the privilege of the noble and elite. To acquire knowledge, one had to go above and beyond, to be a chosen one. The fight against discrimination and for equality in education propagated a countereffect—these days, any idiot has access to social networking apps. Everyone is empowered with writing skills and software to take photos of their rear ends and share snapshots of themselves having lunch, dinner, whatever – I've never used Instagram, but they say it is all about it. Informational flooding dilutes the few worthwhile resources still available—they simply drown in this barrel with poop. There is a lovely Russian saying: A spoonful of poop in a barrel of honey turns it into a barrel of poop, essentially. Technically, honey is still there, but it is already a barrel of poop.

An overall decline in culture plus a global obsession with the gender identity topic—all this is the ripple effect at work. As man is now in the center of the universe, the next move is to exalt his abnormalities and deviations, the humiliated and the insulted, so that the new humiliated, i.e., LGBT and alike, can step in and rule. Well, so, they are now destroying America, just as the Marxists destroyed Russia in their day. There can be no culture here because the agenda rules instead. All the great Russian masterpieces written in the Soviet Union—and the greatest non-Russian novels, too—were banned because there was an agenda in the Soviet Union, and guess what, you had to write about nothing but socialism. The only flexibility you were allowed at the time was to write either about glorious construction sites or about the communists, those iron felixes[2], racking their brains for a way to fuck up the five-year plan in three years (humble apologies for swearing, but only fuck up, because it is impossible to make the five-year plan in three years), or else about how to become a Stakhanovite. No culture can come out of this; it ceases to reflect reality, it reflects fiction instead. These days, the Oscars are being awarded and movies are being produced based on the agenda. Every other movie you put on—here they are, men, kissing. We wouldn't mind watching women, though, fair enough, but for some reason, it's men kissing around for the most part. And this is also a sign of decline, part of the agenda story. You may no longer say candidly about what you feel. You have to envelop whatever you have to say in a socially-acceptable-wrapping first, or else you will be labeled as old-fashioned, intolerant, destined to be written off and tossed out. You can no longer have a personal opinion. That is the road to degeneration and the Dark Ages; it can't be helped, alas.

Our culture goes further and further downhill. Contemporary Russian prose is pathetic. Modern Dark Ages is a term for a setback in culture. There are hardly any historical records left from the period 400-600 AD; nobody knows how they survived those two hundred years, they made it somehow. We all are heading in a similar direction. And add to that our three days' worth of memory—it's going to be just great, bingo (sarcasm). No worries, give it time, let them and us exchange the pleasantries of nuclear strikes to ensure we go straight to the Dark Ages, and then the joy of learning cave painting anew will be all ours, that is, we'll go from developing basic skills, from scratch again (sarcasm). It's going to be just fine. Luckily, you and I will unlikely live to see the dawn (dark humor). Young folks, on the other hand, where are they… here they are—I feel sorry for you, guys—no, not really, to be honest—you are among those who build this reality.

Q. Does God navigate this reality, or is He just watching? Does He guide humanity?

A. You've heard about free will, haven't you? There is a general plan, of course, and there is an adjustment to the plan. When equilibrium is affected and distortions become too high, God interferes. To say that there is a master plan for mankind's evolution—I wouldn't say so, no; all this is more of an experiment.

The upshot of all this, my friends, is: pray more often, my advice to you. If you want to see a temple in your village one day—pray for it. Maybe they'll get you someone to build it.


[1] Siege of Leningrad

[2] Felix E. Dzerzhinsky’s nickname