God, teach me to love.

God, teach me to not be allured by power or seek might; God, open up the path of love to me.

God, teach me humility. Teach me to be in the world but not of the world and wean me off of looking for imperfections in myself and others.

God, teach me to love. God, give me an equipoise eye that no longer splits people up into friends and foes. God, open my heart for love.

God, teach me intimacy. Teach me to not be afraid of people and to build trust within myself. God, ease my fear of intimacy and disappearance of self.  

God, appease my passions. Deliver me from greed and avarice, from anger and despair. God, give me acceptance for myself and others and a lack of desire to change people. God, give me acceptance of this world and Your entire Creation.

God, save me from feeling resentment and contempt and from having hubris. God, soften my heart so that it can become a source of all-accepting love.

God, deliver me from judging others so that my love could be complete.

God, deliver me from fear so that my love could flow freely.

God, bless me to do what has to be done and deepen my ability to love.

God, I am grateful to You for everything.