Here is a simplified breakdown of the different levels that make up an individual's being: the physical level, which includes sensations and abilities; the emotional level, which involves desires and feelings; and the mental level, which encompasses memories, thoughts, and imagination. Additionally, there is the level of attention which is often mistakenly believed to be a function of the mind; but people have limited understanding of their own functioning. In their typical state, individuals operate on all three levels, each with unique energies.

When a mystic undergoes a profound transformation and reaches enlightenment, they no longer resemble a three-story building but instead seem like an intersection of different worlds. Or a walk-through space with multiple doorways. Behind one door is Eternity, behind another is Non-existence, and behind a third is Light and Calm. They come across many doors of this kind as they walk along the Path. Some of these doors are within the enlightened person, while others are outside of them. What comes from within fills them up, while what appears outside blankets them. With the inner doors, some can be opened by the person, while others open based on unclear laws. The outer doors always open by themselves, and the enlightened person must live a long life to figure out the pattern of this process.

The "doors" I refer to are channels that enable a mystic to connect with different levels of Reality and experience what it’s like to get in contact with and partially reside within them. Some channels are linked to energy centers (i.e., chakras or lataifs), while others are not, and there is not much else to add them. The outer channels are designed to open in a way that grants access only to the energies that have been “earned” and are necessary.

The very purpose of cleansing our inner space from repressed energies is to help the “doors” within ourselves to open up. Of course, we experience the Presence of God externally, but to communicate with Him, we must first clear our inner space around the chest area and declutter our heart center, thus preparing it for opening up. As one begins his journey as a seeker, we move from one routine, inner state to another, from a bad mood to an uplifting one, from a worried state to calmness, or from sadness to joy. As he progresses, he encounters less common inner states, and after achieving enlightenment, new “doors” open up one next to another, leading to even more elevated and almost unearthly experiences.

The possibility of experiencing “heaven abodes” and superpowers that are temporary and appear and disappear seemingly out of nowhere is due to the fact that human being is an open energy system that is inherent in all human beings but requires activation, unfolding, and developing. In a sense, the Path is like ascending a staircase that leads one step by step from confined space to more and more open ones. Because, when viewed from higher levels, the monotony of humans’ everyday existence in a limited repertoire of desires and feelings looks like imprisonment in a solitary cell with occasional visits from friends to prevent a prisoner from dropping a sudden stop early. The Path is a quest to break free from the repetitive states that have become tiring to death and to experience something entirely novel. This motivation is as legitimate as any other, by the way. At least initially.

However, those who persevere are the ones who aim to transcend all their boundaries and are willing to learn about a vast array of things beyond someone living on the lower three floors of humanity can even fathom.