"I am the Lord your God.


You are unhappy.

Your unhappiness is caused by unfulfillment of your desires.

Your unhappiness is caused by shortage of what you need.

Your unhappiness is caused by lack of satiety, self-realization, and content.


A human being is incomplete.

Humans intrinsically are bereft of wholeness.

Therefore, you strive to fill yourself with everything to experience the completeness that cannot be unless you have come to Me.

Nothing earthly can fill you up.

Nothing worldly can make you complete.

Nothing material can bring you closer to Me.

Love is temporal.

The suffering caused by incompleteness of self is never-ending: you don’t feel yourself whole, you need to be with someone else, you are dependent on others; you need things as a means to extend yourself.

And even when you desire Me, you still remain incomplete until you change yourself deep enough to become closer to Me than to yourself.


You suffer, yet you are to suffer.

To create a perfect creation—is your task to do.

You have to seek perfection, yet not the perfection that is given to the worldly through earthly means.

It is not the perfection of skills or brilliance of mind, but the perfection of the way of your very existence.

Such a perfection is unattainable without Me.

The Light which you carry within is to merge with My Light.

Your attribute is to unite with My wholeness.

Not until then will you find wholeness that you seek and which can never be found in money, sex, or fine food.

No relationship can substitute for it; and without it, you are bound to remain lonely, no matter where or with whom you are.


The totality of intimacy with Me, the totality of oneness, the totality of changing yourself—in order to find wholeness and unity.


Your thoughts are scattered.

Your desires are conflicting.

Your aspiration and desires are contradicting each other.

To intensify your necessity (for the higher), you need to discover your major flaw, which is not about your qualities, which is not about your personality, but which is about the essence of your being—it is about your innate deficiency. An initial lack of wholeness, an inherent incompleteness.

If you look deep inside yourself, if you cut through the usual background noise of feelings and thoughts, with the intention to get the sense of this incompleteness, you will see this incompleteness as part of My design, as an in-built imperative. Out of this necessity only do people build palaces and destroy palaces. This necessity alone brings about an endless cycle of births and deaths and keeps everyone moving.

If you get to feel this incompleteness in yourself, you will be able to attain the right kind of necessity.

You will be able to see then, that no mater what you use in attempt to fill yourself up, it does not work out.

It's a false substitution, a false replacement, it's a surrogate.

And that's why you always end up being unhappy, eventually.

No matter what you gain, no matter what happens with you, at some point that incompleteness in you will rise its head again.

The right necessity will help you discard the false. Recognizing the right necessity, seeing that necessity, sensing your incompleteness will help you pick up the pace, navigate your efforts properly, and make them more robust.

You will be able to toss away what’s redundant.

Thereafter, your Path will shorten substantially.


Look now.

Bright white Light is filling you.

Bright white Light.

Look at your incompleteness, try to sense it, to see it.

This incompleteness.

This original flaw.

Don't turn away from it. All your life you've been trying to hide it. All your life you have been trying to cover that crack.

Go into that feeling, feel it.

Only I can heal you.

But for Me to do that, you have to be willing to heal—become not half-cured, not two-thirds-, not three-quarters-cured.

To become fully healed.

I'm not interested in people who strive half-heartedly.

I am not interested in those who are ready to assign two hours a day to service.

You give away everything, and I give you everything. There can be no middle ground.

Accept yourself the way you are.

Accept the fact that earthly things help in the short run.

Accept the fact that only I heal.

And ask Me mentally, right now—those who have felt their incompleteness—for I help you reach completeness, to help you find wholeness, to give you what you need in order to heal.

Feel now how this asking Me relieves your pain.

For asking Me is a form of expression as well.

Because the very manifestation of this necessity in you provides relief.

When you look directly—at your situation, problem, or pain—and speak directly about it, and ask directly (for help), this in and of itself is the way to healing.

Now I will give you a sense of wholeness, so you know how it is experienced.

Open up.



Wholeness and completeness.

Full satiety.


All the states, all the abodes that open on the Path, impose on the state of this wholeness.



Being filled, satiety, and Love.

Being filled and Light.

Being filled and Bliss.

Nothing can substitute the wholeness, neither Light nor Love.

Wholeness is completeness, the completion of your creation, your co-creation, to which you move on your own, but I do the completion of you.


And one of the ways to achieve your completeness, to working with the incompleteness of yours, will be the practice of worship.


Only completeness brings about true inner calm.

Only completeness makes you feel that you are finally back home, that you have returned to your lost paradise.

Only completeness makes you a truly full-fledged human being.

I'll give you that feeling to hold on to for a while longer.

Then it will fade away, and you will need to look at your incompleteness again, so that your necessity can deepen.

So that out of this necessity you may call out to Me, move toward Me, remember Me.


Blessings to all who got to know their incompleteness.