Word has it that the first step is the most crucial one and that sleep is a small death. Nobody knows where people get this from, but should you try not following them in the train transfer station and you never get to the departure platform for the one and only train everyone needs to catch. Well then, assuming sleep indeed equals death and that the very first thing done in the morning is very much like the first step in the life of your new day, it’s better to make this step wisely.

For those who want to give themselves a boost, I suggest doing the following: once out of bed, sit up with your back straight and think of all of your goals. First, think of your core goal on the Path; then—a current goal in your inner work; then—mundane tasks of the day. This is not a contemplation rather, becoming aware of the priorities, an optics setup. Once you reexamine your goals, you ask God for help in those things which for some reason are difficult for you to do by yourself or where you need luck or even a miracle. You want to put forth all the criticality of your need in your ask; otherwise, if there is no necessity, then no need to ask. As far as other tasks go, you set an intention to accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished, in a proper way; in fact, you take a decision that you are going to make it. This is quite important, by the way. A positive attitude is half the battle.

In the finale of the first-morning step, you might want to invigorate yourself. Those who have Master should set their minds to him and open up in their heart centers. For those who are less lucky, I would suggest putting their minds to the Lord our God, in awareness of the fact that He is the True and the Only Existing One. Such an adjustment is trickier to perform and it takes time to pump up this skill. Those who have advanced along the Path will master it with less effort, but on the other hand, I am talking here about a simple morning act, not a complex set of exercises.

There is no need to sit connected with the Master or Creator for too long—two-three minutes suffice (maximum five minutes, if you really want to). This morning routine ideally should take no more than ten minutes; making a special exercise out of it is unnecessary. Take it lightly—look at your goals, pray, set up an intention, get in tune, and move on—toward new ups and downs. Towards life in a brand-new day.