I have written this book for myself. For myself trying to master the basics of meditation eighteen years ago. I did lack the detailed, step-by-step guidance describing the key aspects on the path to awareness. Of course, this book does not have all the answers to all the questions the Seeker might have. But it has the keys that will take the Seeker to the answers. Life is a great mystery composed of numerous smaller secrets. The one who has keys is capable of revealing some of them.

Every man has the potential to be developed and unlocked to the full. It is the right everyone has, but few exercise. The situation is like that because many people still love to play with their desires. I hope this book will be of help for those who are already aware of the futility of the rush towards the illusion of happiness after another desired item is acquired.

Everything I have written in this book is true. However, when I set myself the goal of explaining the key aspects of dealing with awareness, I had to narrow the scope of the issues being described in order to make them as clear as possible. That is why it might seem to a reader that personal efforts are the only thing important on the path to decoupling and awareness. That is not quite the case. Efforts are definitely necessary and obligatory for the man developing the power of awareness. However, it would be wrong to omit God’s mercy that makes any movement possible. Yet, trust in the mercy and doing nothing are different things. That is why the man who realizes it does his best and concurrently prays to God for help. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you.”

I recommend all the readers of this book to exercise awareness and do hope that you will succeed in changing the quality of your being.