Consciousness is closely interrelated with the mind, emotions and body. In their turn, they are also tied together. In his ordinary state, man’s consciousness always couples with one of these bodies. Consciousness performs coupling by absorbing the object it merges with through attention. Then consciousness sort of turns into what it is coupling with. If it is fear, it mingles with it; if it is a desire, consciousness becomes identical to it. When it mingles with fear, consciousness endues it with its power, making it resistless. It is one of the main phenomena of human life: as he is ignorant of his nature, man has no idea that he himself gives power to all the negative emotions, obsessions and destructive desires...

Thus, consciousness feeds the human inferior bodies of animal nature on its energy, the same way as God’s Consciousness maintains existence of all the worlds.

The coupling creates the basis of unconsciousness, and guidance of the mind filled with various “bright” ideas making it suppress the emotions, desires and body crowns it all. The more man has coupled, the more he is absent, because he is not inside himself at that very moment: a desire, an idea or an emotion with which his consciousness has coupled is there. This desire, idea or emotion constitutes man then; that is what he becomes at that moment.

The mind trying to call the shots pushes so many desires and emotions deep into subconsciousness that the man’s unconscious part reaches the incredible size. As a result, the unconscious starts putting continuous pressure and influencing the so called conscious. Still, the conscious is only the part of the mind, emotions or physical body where man’s attention now is, which his consciousness has coupled with.

The suppressed may not be manifested, so it is ignored. The mind turns a blind eye to the suppressed, it wants to see, feel or know nothing about them. As consciousness has deeply coupled with the mind, attention naturally follows the things the mind focuses on. That is why it stays away from the areas of suppressed desires and emotions. Impenetrable darkness reigns there until man endeavors to pay attention to them.