Let’s imagine a glass of water where a spoon of salt has been dissolved. When dissolved, salt seems to be gone soon, we cannot see it, but water turns salty. In this case, the properties of salt turn into the properties of water to some extent, but they still are different substances. Consciousness is dissolved in or coupled with different bodies of man in a similar way. If the water evaporates, the spoon of salt will remain at the glass bottom and preserve its properties. The same happens to consciousness when man passes away. However, the process of disengagement of consciousness in its initial form may be carried out without destruction of the physical and other bodies. One must develop awareness inside to reach this goal. It develops as man learns how to manage his attention by focusing a part of it on continuous observation of how his mind, emotions and body work. On the one hand, such observation changes the state of the inferior bodies by eliminating different disorders and abnormalities and harmonizing their interaction. On the other hand, it commences the decoupling of consciousness from them. This process encourages crystallization of consciousness as a separate center.

When consciousness is fully crystallized, and decoupling is absolute, all its traits and abilities can be expressed with all their inherent beauty and power. Then the surrounding people start to perceive such being as something incredible and amazing as they think of different explanations, which are not always reasonable. The reason is that they have difficulty seeing and understanding how divine the nature of our consciousness is.