Any efforts bear their fruit sooner or later. Even if such fruit is negative experience, they are of the same value since experience is one of the most important things you can acquire in this world. The one who understands that he has expended his efforts the wrong way will be able to change his approach. The one who has got aware of insufficient efforts may cease to waste energy.

I have not seen a single man who has failed to succeed in changing his being with due determination. If he did want to change, he changed. If man wants to be conscious, it happens some day or other.

Transformation of the being is similar to a quantum leap. An electron absorbs a quantum of energy when going up to a higher orbit. In this case, it does not exist in between these orbits: it disappears from one of them and appears on the other one in an instant. The same happens to the Seeker’s consciousness. He must continuously direct his energy at expanding his attention. In this process, the Seeker sometimes manages to be aware of himself and sometimes gets distracted and “falls asleep”. It can last quite long until he gets enough energy to be contributed into self-development. Then the leap follows: he suddenly realizes that his “sleeping” periods have shortened, and the level of self-awareness between the instants has got higher. It is the new stage of the being perceived as another level of consciousness. New transitions follow, and the “sleeping” periods eventually disappear.

At the same time, the Seeker develops a feeling of a permanent core inside holding him like an anchor and preventing him from full coupling with the inferior bodies. As long as awareness and transformation of the being grow, the feeling of this center grows stronger. In the end, the Seeker starts to feel the permanent presence in all of his actions.

This sensation results from decoupling of the consciousness and its crystallization into the separate center. The farther the Seeker goes, the stronger the presence is. At the same time, the crystallization of consciousness and no chaos inside, decoupling of the consciousness from the mind weaken the ego and make it more fragile.

When the consciousness is fully separated and takes the place designated by the Creator in his being, all the traces of unconsciousness together with the ego disappear in its light. Now the Seeker can cease to develop awareness and enjoy its fruit.