The Master is known to be a mirror for his follower. It means that in addition to the functions the Master usually discharges, there is another one – to show the follower his current state. If the follower is in fury, his fury must be shown; if he is in resistance, he must be assisted in getting aware of that... It is an important and essential part of the Master’s work. However, when you are aware, your life becomes your Master. All the situations, all the people with or without their troubles turn into your teachers. They trigger our reactions, actions and thoughts, they are food for our observation. Those who are sustainable in their awareness can make use of anything: a conversation in a line or a walk on their own, all these things tell them about themselves. When they interact with the world, they get a better understanding of themselves. It is similar to sitting on a river bank and watching what it brings. Life is the same: like a river, it brings us the situations that can be a step to the summit of awareness or a ticket to the country of fear and escape from problems. Any situation gives you an opportunity to grow, fall or stagnate. Awareness is the key to turning your life into the search, adventure, something that cannot be described with words.