At the beginning of the 1990s, I met the man who turned into my teacher although he did not intend to. His last name was Ogorodnik, and he taught in the alternative medicine school which I attended. I was young, inexperienced and had no idea of meditation. I am endlessly grateful to that man who gave me the first technique. However, it was not the main thing. The main thing he gave to me was broadening my horizon. He told me the names of the people I had never heard of and recommended to read their books. He raised the bar, i.e. set the objectives and goals which I worked with for several years; it took much longer to get aware of everything he had told me. Nevertheless, owing to the words of his, I found my Path, and the role of those words and knowledge is priceless although the other man turned into my Master in the end. I hope that this book will help some of the readers to raise their bar a bit higher and to expand their horizon. If it happens, I will pay back to the people who have shared their experience and knowledge with me.