In order to break down the automatic suppression mechanism, you need a stable level of presence in yourself, i.e. the level of awareness. This work cannot be done until you continuously witness what is happening inside and outside you. There is only one way to stop the mechanism for suppression of your emotions: start expressing them. It is common knowledge that human behavior can be adequate or inadequate. In the usual sense, adequacy conforms to self-control while inadequacy is loss of such control. In terms of awareness, an aware person is adequate to the situation while an unconscious one will be inadequate. That is why expression of emotions requires awareness because the fear of losing self-control is a part of the suppression system. So, awareness is necessary to let yourself express, for instance, fury without coupling with this fear. Loss of self-control generally results in shouting, outburst of emotions and different ridiculous statements. After that, man feels awkward and realizes he has done a stupid thing. This is what makes expression of fury inadequate: man expresses not only the instant fury, but also all the fury accumulated lately, so the situation seems wild. That is how an unconscious person behaves.

The aware one will express dissatisfaction so that another person will not be offended and will understand his feelings. The one who is aware and does not couple with the emotion remains the master of the situation. Such expression ability is developed gradually as long as the Seeker is learning how to start speaking about his feelings directly instead of keeping silence in anger. It takes total sincerity, but I have already written about it in the previous book.

Thus, expression puts a stop to the suppression mechanism. However, there are such emotions as fear that can be expressed only with immediate escape. In this case, suppression must be replaced with observation of fear or anxiety. The observation skill creates a gap between you and the emotion and prevents coupling so you can keep the fear within the field of your attention and act as if it was not there. As the energy of fear is not suppressed, it will fade away, and the fear will disappear; this is the beauty of conscious work with emotions in comparison with the blind suppression. When fear disappears, you are free from it; it does not settle down in your unconsciousness and will not remind of itself with panic attacks.

The gap between your Self, consciousness and inferior bodies will keep growing as long as your awareness is getting increased. This is a progressive process, the same way as overcoming the automatic habit of suppression: the work with it takes time and is gradual, starting from partial replacement of suppression with expression and observation and increasing the scope of replacement. In the end, awareness of your desires and conditionalism will result in nothing to suppress.