Some modern “spiritual” teachers suggest their methods for cooperation with the unconscious by finding the great strength influencing human life in it. It is difficult to dispute that because the energy of the suppressed desires, fear etc. is actually very strong and quite evidently affects man’s behavior and state. So such teachers suggest that you should give yourself the affirmations which will be treated as a guidelines for action by the subconsciousness, and the man’s spiritual growth will get quick and easy at once. The others give the unconscious some magic power capable of having a direct impact on human life: they suggest setting it up in the proper manner by means of visualization and other methods and changing your entire “reality” this way. They are forms of self-hypnosis helping make human sleep more comfortable and creating an illusion of power over the things we cannot manage. The desire to cooperate with the unconscious arises out of the inability to do anything about it, which results from the fact that man has not mastered the skills of witnessing. The genuine spiritual work is to introduce the light of consciousness into the dark of the unconsciousness. Then the unconscious will be shrinking and the conscious will be expanding as long as the awareness grows. In the end, there will be nothing unconscious left in man.

I cannot help mentioning the masters giving their followers different visualization methods. Something like that: “Imagine that your body is getting filled with white and pure energy. It is overfilling you, and your body is starting to grow” and so on. Such active exercises themselves can be of use to develop some functions of your mental body. However, they are controlled dreams by their nature. Of course, man feels refreshed like after a good sleep on doing such exercise. He might even feel sort of inspiration. Nevertheless, it has nothing to do with awareness because a dream is a dream, and it does not matter in terms of consciousness whether it is inspiring or scary.