This way, each Seeker observing his body and emotions eventually realizes the need for getting aware of his mind, its content and rules under which it operates. The fuel of the mind is ideas, and the products of the mind are desires.

One must understand that desires are closely linked with the man’s needs. “Desire is a need gone mad,” Osho said, and he was absolutely right. An example is that a feeling of hunger is the need to be satisfied. Drinking sweet tea with a pickle is a desire of pleasure from the contrast of tastes. The need to satisfy the sexual appetite is expressed as certain desires, and the stronger they are suppressed, the more sophisticated and perverted they will be. The self-fulfillment need may result in the desire to create, to get enlightened, to go up the career ladder or in the feeling that you would love to start a family. The specifics of a desire will always depend on a basic set of ideas processed by the mind. It means that a basis for the desire will be the need. The desire will be shaped based on the conditionalism, according to its principles. That is why different people can have opposite desires out of the same need. For instance, the need to feel safe may bring one man to the desire to be among other people (who can help and protect if you are in trouble) and the other man to the desire to stay away from them (since they are unpredictable, dangerous and do not control themselves).

You must find your suppressed desires in order to see them. They are not within the field of our attention all the time and are noticed from time to time, only under the circumstances when a desire can suddenly be satisfied. Not all the desires are suppressed because of the moral bans and conditionalism; some of them cannot be satisfied at present, so they are pushed back into the unconscious. You cannot see all of them at once as there are many, and they have been suppressed during different life periods. As a rule, this work is similar to peeling an onion layer by layer: as soon as you get aware of and process the desires and emotions related to one “layer” of the unconscious, you can get deeper to open up the new “layer” with emotions and desires suppressed earlier. The work with the unconscious is actually similar to peeling an onion: when all the layers are off, there is nothing left in your hands.