Thus, if you are capable of feeling and being aware of your body well, you will have no difficulty identifying the moments when you start suppressing your emotions and desires. By staying alert, you will find out soon which of your muscles participate in control over fury or anxiety, sadness and fear. Emotion expression practices will help you get rid of the burden of these energies. The next logical step following the work you have done will be to get rid of suppression itself.

You must know that various symptoms of the vegetative-vascular dystonia result from tension in the nervous system caused by the suppression. Such results include any dyskinesis, spasm (of blood vessels, ducts, bowels etc.) as well as versatile symptoms typical of a neurotic disorder. The above disorders will be disappearing gradually while you are getting rid of the suppression mechanisms rooted inside.

Suppression is an exclusive right of the mind, and the behavior programs set inside spring into action automatically every time a desire or emotion pushing man to the forbidden expression or action arises. These programs block expression of the emotion or action corresponding to the desire and launch the wave-like reaction, from top to bottom, starting in the mind and ending in the physical body. Desires are suppressed into the unconscious part of the mind while emotions go to the unconscious part of the emotional body; control is physically expressed as muscle tension and unbalance in the autonomic nervous system. The latter acts as a conductor between the physical and emotional bodies.

Suppression is a bastion of unconsciousness, so the one who wants to achieve the highest degree of awareness cannot evade work with the suppressed. There have always been social behavior rules, but the people’s being has shifted in the direction of the mind considerably for the last century. It has been facilitated by the need for universal education and overall progress of the humanity in science and technology. There is much less physical labor and much more mental one. In addition to loads of information from mass media, man is regularly implanted ideas by all sorts of advertising. There are also more restrictions in human behavior, which are expanding concurrently with amplification of complexity of social structures and lifestyle. The main behavior rules used to be established by the family raising man based on their religion, morality and customs, but now they are also supplemented by the restrictions and rules of the company where he works, road traffic rules etc. That is why now suppression is an integral part of the being, and we will have to work with that part, whether we like it or not.

The irony of the situation is that the morality and rules are created for the unconscious people in order to set some boundaries for their animal instincts. However, following the rules often deepens unconsciousness because of the accompanying suppression. In his turn, a conscious person will not steal because he has no desire pushing him to theft rather than because it is forbidden by the law and is punished harshly. This is the only difference, but it is fundamental because it is the difference in the levels of being.