Spiritual vision can be easily imitated by the mind. The strong desire keeps looking for the compensation for itself, and if you wish to see the world differently, the mind will use the imagination to fill the created perception gap easily. These do not have to be hallucinations: the mind will merely start producing different images and pictures as soon as you “look” inside or outside with your eyes closed. Many Seekers and psychics live in such self-deception. In fact, they live in the world they have imagined. This is one of the numerous traps on the Path. The only way to avoid the trap is to hold on to the simple, basic things, to continue witnessing and to resist the temptation to look different ways with your eyes closed. The accumulated witnessing experience will enable telling the difference between the phenomenon of the real spiritual vision and projections of the mind.

The mind is artful, and the desires are strong. That is why many of the techniques are not described in detail so that the Seeker knowing the way it is supposed to be will not deceive himself. That is why many aspects of the Truth are concealed until the follower is ready to perceive them adequately.

Now, while writing these lines, I am fully aware of the fact that such detailed description of some aspects may be harmful due to the above properties of the human mind. Yet, I continue this work hoping that there are the people who will be able to make use of what they have read, to understand and apply the knowledge properly, and to avoid the traps of the mind.