The one watching properly starts to see. He watches his body and sees its tension and reasons for it. When he considers the emotions, he understands their roots, and realizes how the mind works and how the ideas programming the mind create grounds for new desires.

I heard the spiritual trainer claim that the expression ‘look inside yourself’ was erroneous and senseless. He claimed that he had tried that, but had seen and found nothing but darkness. He suggested that everyone should try and make sure by closing their eyes and trying to look inside themselves. Naturally, he then offered the genuine methodology for quick enlightenment and spiritual cleansing.

His mistake was that he tried to look inside himself with his eyes. Thus, he saw only those things that could be seen with his eyelids closed. By the way, it is a common mistake made by the novice Seekers.

The efforts made to observe, witness and self-recollect develop the Seeker’s internal or spiritual vision. It results from awareness: direct perception of everything within the field of attention at this very moment by the consciousness. When it is developed, it creates the basis for seeing, the state in which man can perceive the Divine Will clearly and, with account of his vision, follow it.

The Seeker looking at the visible world and everything it contains fearlessly with his eyes perceives the things that cannot be seen with his spiritual vision. Even if the Seeker closes his eyes, his spiritual vision will remain sharp and looking into the depth of things.