It is common knowledge that water dripping day by day wears the hardest rock away. However, if you start watching it, you will not see it at once. We will most probably see the drops smashing against the rock one by one. The short-term observation can create the opposite opinion that water is weaker than rock. However, if water keeps dripping, it will wear the rock away in the end. The same thing happens when we expend our efforts in awareness. In the beginning, we lack free energy of attention; we often get distracted, fall asleep and forget about our purpose. We have difficulty holding attention in the decoupling, in the openness to sensations, and it might seem for sure that this work cannot be done. Yet, it will be a delusive impression casting doubt in our mind and making us think that all our efforts break into pieces just like water drops when they hit the rock of the unconsciousness. It might seem for a long time that nothing is happening, but the processes flow subtly, concealed from our eyes with stronger emotional and mental reactions. At the same time, there is always time when results of the expended efforts get so obvious that they simply cannot be ignored. When it comes to getting aware of the physical body, sensitivity gets improved at first; eventually, there is total and permanent presence of our attention in our body. It happens suddenly, similar to the lights turned on in the dark room with all the contents thereof getting visible. The things that used to be a vague shape or unclear silhouette are now open for perception. Since then, we are always aware of our body, with no additional efforts: this is a new level of the being. Once you reach such state, you cannot lose it. It can only get deeper and deeper while your awareness keeps growing.