In order to be better aware of your body, a helping hand may be the technique in which man in the passive state focuses his attention on getting aware of one of his body parts. Gurdjieff gave his followers the exercise in which they had to feel three fingers on their right hand in full. Let me say directly: I also suggest starting with simple things. Generally, you can work with any part of the body, but Gurdjieff’s approach was based on the fact that we always use our fingers, so our sensitivity to sensations in them is higher; therefore, it is easier to do an exercise.

You can practice getting aware of the arm on the whole, and when you succeed, you can complicate the task: for instance, by feeling the right arm in full, then switching attention to the left arm and trying to get the same result in there. Finally, the exercise is as follows: start with getting aware of the right arm (five to ten minutes), switch to the left arm (for the same period of time), then to the left leg and to the right one. After that, direct attention at the sensations in the trunk and the head. In the end, try to get aware of you whole body.

The main difficulty faced during this exercise (in addition to “falling asleep”) is not to mistake concentration for awareness. The mind used to concentration can start focusing on the sensations in the extremity and creating pressure in the field of observation. It entails heaviness and discomfort in that body part. Concentration results from the strong desire to achieve the purpose. This method is wrong and will never bring you to the purpose sought because concentration is narrowing of attention, which is the opposite of awareness.

The adequate approach is to try to open up to all the sensations in the body part being observed, right here and now. We can put it another way: you should open your attention to the part which we are going to get deeply aware of and let the appearing sensations fill all your attention. Here is one more explanation: when you get sensations in the body part being observed, we must enter and plunge into them so that they can be grasped and manifested in full.

Some of the things related to feeling and sensing cannot be properly described with the words. Description of the same internal action with a different wording can trigger understanding of the process for different people. Sometimes one sentence describing something you have read numerous books about in a different manner is a key to enlightenment and breakthrough in understanding the issue.