The consciousness sees. The mind analyses, evaluates and judges what has been seen. In the end, it seems to the mind that seeing is also one of its functions. So it creates another illusion that finally locks man in the plane of the mind because no matter where you look, there is only the mind and nothing but the mind. Perceiving the world and yourself another way, without its interference, seems impossible. Thinking seems to be an integral part of the human being. It seems that watching will never substitute thinking.

However, the mind restricted to the language’s field and related dualities is never able to perceive the integral picture of the being. At the same time, consciousness is quite capable of such perception, and the knowledge gained by it during the watching is always more objective and comprehensive. Seeing directly, without intermediation of the mind, is another level of perception, but it is unavailable for those who have failed to master the art of witnessing and non-coupling. This is the only reason why smart people all around find themselves in the situations where they behave like ultimate fools.