It is quite easy to check whether our consciousness exists regardless of the mind. To start with, open your eyes and look at your palm. If you take it closer to your eyes, it will block the entire view. If you move it back, you will see the whole palm. If you pull it close to your eyes, nothing will be visible. In other words, there must be some distance between the person looking and the thing he or she is looking at to actually see. It is an essential condition.

Now let’s close our eyes. Can we see our body from the inside? Yes, we do. Such observation of the body from the inside will differ from the outside, but it is possible. It means that there is an interval, some distance between the body and the center from which we look at it. We can monitor our emotions and thoughts the same way. If it is possible, it means the source of our vision is beyond the mind, emotions and body; otherwise, it could not be observed. Consciousness is this very source.