Self-abnegation, which is typical of people suffering from the inferiority complex (in other words, almost everyone to a certain extent), also manifests itself in the spiritual search. Here is self-castigation, here is mortification of the flesh as a source of sin... Castration, ritual suicide and similar things are common in the history of religions. An attempt to cease the mental activity is a sort of “spiritual” acts like that. Abnegation of yourself, your body and mind has brought no one to God, but it has been a good example of what should not be done.

Yet, self-abnegation is flourishing now by resurrecting again and again in different forms in the schools of thought by new “masters”.

At the same time, all you need to do is to look inside, into your mind, and find the ideas and desires making you feel non-conforming to the world, the feeling of your own deformity. But it is impossible unless you have a decoupling skill. While you are coupled with the idea claiming that you are irreparably deformed, there is nothing left but self-destruction, no matter in which manner; a “spiritual” way is even better. It is always more pleasant to be crippled for the sake of the great purpose rather than just because you cannot accept yourself as you are.