There is a number of Seekers who have decided that if our mind prevents us from perceiving the objective reality and causes problems, we must get rid of it. Some teachers preach against it by calling it the Devil’s tool and endlessly cursing the mind for its activity. As a result of their somewhat biased speeches, it seems to their followers that the main goal of their spiritual work is to “stop” and get rid of their mind.

Being a deep-cover Buddhist, Osho always spoke about the state of no-mind. What is no-mind? Approximately the same as no-chair. Or no-table. The negative statement with no trigger for the mind, 100% Buddhist by its nature. It can be used in one direction only: getting rid of the mind.

I have met the Seekers focused on this complicated and unrewarding task. They have great difficulty doing that as they try to stop their mind by means of... their mind! The idea and desire of such stop are anchored in the Seeker’s mind, which starts frenzied activity for their implementation. However, most of such Seekers have a vague idea of what will happen after their goal is reached. It seems to them that the main thing is to get rid of their mind, and then everything will happen on its own...

I have seen people suffering from the final stage of schizophrenia. This stage is characterized by the total degradation of personality, lack of desires and actual destruction and disappearance of the mind. The point is that such patients do not get enlightened. They turn into something vegetative and might even starve to death if they are not forced to eat.

The mind cannot be stopped by means of the mind because the desire of this stop itself will maintain its activity. However, the attempts to reach the “inner silence” or “stop of the inner dialog” might result in disorders and malfunctions in its activity. In this case, the brief periods when the mind manages to control itself will be followed by the state of chaos similar to insanity.

The knowledge that has been understood inadequately or gained at the wrong time often does more harm than good to its possessor. We do not have to cut our legs off to stop walking. Just stop giving power to them. If we change the balance of forces in our being so that the mind will not be the main one, and consciousness will be crystallized as a separate center, it will gradually change all the activity. We do not have to feel this or that emotion all the time. We do not have to think all the time when we are fully decoupled.