All you have to do to change the above state of affairs is to wish that. Our initial situation is that the desire is the only thing giving us an opportunity to start transformation of our being. Each of us has felt the wish to get beyond the control by emotions and desires making us suffer endlessly at least once. If you have felt this wish once, it is of no use as it is not powerful enough. If it appears from time to time and keeps gaining strength, we have a flash of hope that our fate can be changed. The stronger you desire to change your life is, the more energy you can direct for this purpose. That is the law, which cannot be circumvented. The first obstacles on this way appear when the wish to change yourself needs to be transformed into something specific and real. There are lots of spiritual practices promising various solutions of human problems. But how to choose the proper one? Even after you have made your choice, how to understand whether it is useful and drives you to the set goal, or is just a waste of time?

It is a complicated issue, generally with no answer in the beginning. The position from which man starts his search is that he can make a mistake in the very beginning, when setting the goal, i.e. the final state of being he must strive for. I have described such mistakes and their possible consequences in a series of articles called The Dark Side of Seeking.

Another difficulty is that you do not always understand what exercise you need at this very moment. What should you start with? Should you follow the ancient scriptures or purify your body or stop your mind, and how should it all be done? The modern spiritual coaches sometimes give such absurd instructions that a reasonable person has difficulty following them.

As I have already considered the first obstacle before, let’s discuss practices and exercises.